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Port Arthur Crude Oil Imports


Port Arthur Crude Oil Imports

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Approximately 632,000 bbls/day of imported crude oil arrives in Port
Arthur, which is the third busiest port on the Gulf Coast. Over 40% of the
crude arrives from from Saudi Arabia on shuttle tankers To learn more about
the origin of crude imports click the Crude Import web link.

Futhermore, nearly 256,000 bbls/day of the imported crude arriving at the port,
originates from South America and Mexico on Aframax and Suezmax tankers .

Port Artthur Map


Crude oil arriving on Aframax or Suezmax tanker ships from the Latin American countries
of Venezuela, Mexcio, and Colombia, comprise over 40% of the total amount of
imported oil arriving at Port Arthur.


Daily Imported Barrels of Crude Oil Port Arthur
October 2007 EIA Data

Saudi Arabia

0.217 mmbpd


0.199 mmbpd

South America

0.062 mmbpd

West Africa

0.039 mmbpd


Port Arthur Refineries

Port Arthur Refineries

October 2007 EIA Data


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